Kay Mari, Round 3.


Reunited with my heart and it felt so good. When 2014 began, I didn’t think I’d travel to Haiti once, let alone twice. But I did.

It’s hard for me to talk about this trip because many of my memories are individual moments with the children or conversations with people I now call friends. And these are all things I am choosing to hold close to my heart.

I would like to share a few trip highlights, however… When the mission team and I arrived, some of the children recognized me. They asked, “Wasn’t this chick just here a few months ago?” I was able to say, “Yes, but I am back because I love you.” And it was awesome.

Our “manual work” project was laying rocks for the new Elderly Home’s foundation. There’s something so beautifully prayerful about moving rocks. I never thought I’d say that before traveling to Haiti. I mean, we were literally laying a foundation of love for the elderly who will live in this home.

Time with the children, as always, was a highlight. I’m enjoying learning their personalities and quirks and likes and dislikes. We played with sidewalk chalk, prayed in the chapel, ran around the yard, bathed in the river, and threw a few impromptu dance parties.

A highlight of this trip for me was leading craft time with the children by myself. Katie, the full-time missionary, led the missionary team to the market, while I stayed at the orphanage with a missionary who wasn’t feeling well. Instead of sitting idle, I gathered the children together and we decorated crosses. I knew enough Haitian Creole to facilitate the activity and was able to be present with all of the children. The experience was an answer to my prayers.

Leaving this time was easier than any other time because I knew I would be back. And soon. I could say, “M sonje ou. Map vini nan Janvier.”

Mèsi Jezi, indeed.


[This was originally posted September 12, 2014 on a previous incarnation of my blog.]