Happy half birthday to me!

There’s something you should know about me: one of my greatest joys in life is celebrating birthdays.

I have always wanted to celebrate my birthday in the Spring. I am turning thirty this year and want to eek out every ounce of celebrating my twenties I can. Luckily, I also have friends who are absolutely willing to play along. Enter: a half birthday picnic in the park.

There was plenty of food, yard games, a canoeing adventure, and lots of laughs. I was surprised, and delighted, by how willing my friends were willing to play along. There are few things greater in life than a solid community of friends and this weekend helped me appreciate that even more than before.


The swan.

The swan

M: She looks so beautiful.

J: Yeah, she does… but she looks so lonely out there by herself. I haven’t seen another swan.

M: Yeah, but I’ve seen some ducks hanging out with her. She’s not alone.

J: Oh, okay. Good.