Seven years of Veronica.

My niece turned seven this week. Seven. SEVEN. How on earth is she seven? I can’t believe she is already seven, and yet I find it hard to believe she’s only been in our lives for seven years.


My sister, in true-to-her fashion, went above and beyond for Veronica’s birthday party. I have informed her that if I’m ever blessed with children, they aren’t allowed to see photos of any of these birthday parties. It’s too much pressure on me.

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A small town Fourth.

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I couldn’t tell you why, but it is.

Maybe it’s that my small hometown has always made a huge deal about it and subconsciously their love has become my love.

Maybe it’s the freedom of spinning in the grass with sparklers in you hands

Maybe it’s the fireworks bursting in the air that make time stand still.

Maybe it’s the traditions that carry on each year, regardless of what else is going on in our lives.

Whatever it is, I always look forward to it. This year was full of the traditions that I know and love.

The Catonsville parade. This year, instead of watching it from the sidewalk, I decided to jump on my brother’s truck, which was being used as float by my sister for my niece’s school. I was responsible for standing in the back and making sure none of the kindergarten children fell out. It was a pretty awesome view of the parade. I saw so many of my friends, old and new, as we drove down the street.


And our “float” was early enough in the parade, that we were still able to make our way and watch the last half.


The Cook-Outs. And then there are the million cook-outs going on and the fact that we’re in a small town, so it’s fairly easy to hop around to many of them.


The Fireworks. And then the fireworks. Catonsville has the best fireworks show, though I may be a bit biased.


And even though this year’s Fourth of July was filled with all of my favorite traditions, it was the people who made it memorable. I love the moments when I’m reminded of how blessed I am by the people God has put into my life.