Senkyèm vwayaj nan Kay Mari.

Again I’ve been home from Haiti for two months. Again it has taken me two months to sit down and write about the trip. Each time I lead a team of missionaries, I instantly fall into routine in Haiti and then it takes weeks to months for me to adjust when I return home.

This trip was no exception to that pattern.

But this trip was a beautiful time of processing my love for this little piece of the world, building relationships, and prayerfully turning to the Lord in gratitude.

First, I had a team of missionaries who were very open to sharing how God was speaking in their hearts. Each evening ended with prayer on the roof, which reminded me why I was there and the One who called me to this place. On the canter ride to the orphanage, driving through Port-au-Prince, I asked one of my team members, “So, what do you think so far?”

His response struck me. He shared about the despair and absence of hope he felt. And then he said, “I feel like we’re going to the wrong place. All the pictures you share of the children and the orphanage… they look like a slice of heaven compared to what we’re driving through. I feel like we’re going to the wrong place.”

I sat with his comments for a few moments, allowing myself to process what he shared. And then I said, “Yes. It might feel like we’re going to the wrong place. But where we are going was a place of despair. Many of the children who now live at the orphanage lacked hope. Yes, it might look like a slice of heaven compared to what you’re seeing. But the reason it’s a slice of heaven is because people like us are willing to sustain their work. People like us  are willing to sacrifice many things to demonstrate to these children–many of whom lost their parents or were abused or were neglected or were abandoned–that they are loved and they are worth it.”

And that’s how my trip began. With that reminder.

Let’s go over some top moments from this trip, shall we? Continue reading “Senkyèm vwayaj nan Kay Mari.”