Bon fèt nan Ayiti.

When this year began, I knew I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday in Haiti. I could think of no better way to bring in a new decade than surrounded by many pieces of my heart in a place I’ve come to deeply love. And I was right.

The week was filled with laughs, frustrations, sorrow, and joy.

We were greeted by a thunderstorm when we arrived. Awesome because the country has been in a severe drought for quite some time. Not-so-awesome because our group needed to get up a dirt, mountain road in a truck with no four-wheel drive.

What is usually a four hour drive, took eight hours. We laughed. We were worried. We prayed. There was a quick run through Port-au-Prince to find a bathroom… At the end of the paved road, before we went up the mountain, we switched trucks (including moving six 50-pound bags of rice, soda, eggs, all of our luggage, and a stove). There was a serenading of “Happy Birthday” for me at 10:30 PM (my birth time).

Time in Haiti is nothing if not an adventure.

On that truck ride we declared the upcoming decade my decade of adventure.

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