Impromptu road trip to Connecticut then New York then New Jersey.

When I heard Sean Forrest would be playing a Haiti180 benefit concert in Connecticut, I looked up how far away Connecticut was. When I realized Connecticut was only five hours away from Maryland, I decided I should probably go. When I heard Katie, my friend who lives in Haiti, would be there, I knew I needed to go. (It didn’t hurt that it crossed something off of my 20 New Things Before I Leave My Twenties list: Road Tripping to Connecticut.)


The weekend began in Connecticut where I met up with Katie and her parents. As soon as I arrived, Katie had to run off to sound check and rehearse for the concert. It was my first time in Connecticut, so what did I do? I drove around Connecticut admiring beautiful northeast houses with wraparound porches, talked with Katie’s parents about faith, and took a nap. #partyanimal

The concert was more than I expected. It was so great to be in a room with people who share a love for Haiti and the children of Kay Mari. And it was nice to put a face to some people I am constantly emailing. AND Sean Forrest is a hilarious and holy dude who gave me a lot to think about during the show. My favorite line was, “If the Lord can’t find a colt, He’ll use an ass.” It’s always good to be reminded that the Lord can use even me. ;)

New York

The following day was unplanned, on my part. I decided to be a little spontaneous and spend the day in New York with Katie and her family. Road trips are my favorite. Road trips with a friend in the car, giving you the chance to catch up on life, are even better.

I drove through New York for the first time ever and almost immediately found street parking. We went to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Grant’s Tomb, two place I’d never been. And then we drove to Queens to check out the neighborhood where Katie’s father grew up and go to a little restaurant for delicious calzones and wine.

So grateful for road trips and good friends. Perhaps I should be willing to be spontaneous more often.


We are not in control.

This weekend I traveled to Wichita, Kansas for work. It was my first time visiting this lovely, midwest state. For the first time, possibly in my entire life, I only packed what I needed for the trip: a few work essentials, the perfect number of clothes, and the perfect number of toiletries. I was proud of my neat and not over-packed weekend bag.

I met lovely people, listened to their stories, shared my testimony, and took pictures all while staying in a beautiful retreat center. It was wonderful.

We were prepared to leave on Sunday; even went to a vigil Mass to allow for a relaxing day of travel. And then we got a dreaded text alert on Saturday evening… our flight was canceled. Instead of heading home and prayerfully giving Sunday to God during my travels like I had planned, I spent Sunday morning in an arm chair trying to speak with someone at the airline and lamenting my situation.

When we finally got our flights rescheduled for Tuesday, I was over it.

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Walk to the beat of a different drummer.

I really had fun being your grandmother! I left a box for you full of “stuff” from my life. I hope you enjoy going through it. May it teach you that it is okay to “walk to a different drummer.” Love your parents and each other, but most of all love and trust God.

2002 was the hardest year of my life. My step lost it’s pep. The world lost a little of it’s brightness. My grandmother was taken to heaven.


My grandmother was a tenacious, stubborn, loving, holy woman.

One day she led a calm life as the devoted wife of a Baltimore City police officer and mother of four who enjoyed directing local theatre productions. And then Roe vs. Wade happened and she became a pro-life warrior.

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