French-themed Bridal Shower

My roommate, Meaghan, is getting married and I am thrilled to be one of her bridesmaids. As soon as her matron of honor, Colleen, and I found out their honeymoon plans were leaning towards France AND we found cute little French plates while shopping, we knew we had our bridal shower theme. Honeymoon plans were later moved to Portgual, but I digress… the bridal shower theme stayed.

Meag's Bridal Shower

The shower was a huge success. We had sparkling pink champagne, bridal bingo, polka dot decorations, and a fun, French-themed photo booth (always a favorite). Colleen flew up from Tennessee. We hung out with Ally for the second time in one week, which rarely happens. AND we had the chance to shower Meaghan with love.

I wish I could take credit for any of the decoration ideas featured below. My biggest contribution was pinning ideas on Pinterest before the shower and placing decorations where I was told the day of the shower. Without further ado, if you’re looking to decorate a French-themed party, here are a few ideas.

Meag's Bridal Shower - Centerpieces
Table Centerpieces – Polka dot bandanas, tissue paper flowers, french plates, and Hersey kisses.

Meag's Bridal Shower - Gift Table
Gift Table – Polka dot table cloth, paper banner, and hand-written thank you sign.

Meag's Bridal Shower - Goodie Bags
Goodie Bags – “Merci” baggies with french sweets.

Meag's Bridal Shower - Sweets
Sweets Table – Cupcakes on sweet glass platters.

Meag's Bridal Shower - Bridesmaids
And the best part of any party? Photo booth props with a nice background, featuring the bride and her bridal party.


DIY: Coffee Filter Peony Centerpieces

I recently found myself in charge of creating center pieces for a conference of 175 people. Which translates to 25 tables. That’s alotta tables. I had a budget and one weekend to get them finished: to Pinterest I went!

I quickly fell in love with coffee filter flowers in a beer bottle. We had a large stack of coffee filters available (thank you, Keurig) and I knew I could obtain a lot of beer bottles from my friends (thank you, recent snow storm). There were a few problems with the tutorials I found: they were too fancy (I was limited on time) or they were too flimsy (I needed them to last at least three days). Enter: a mishmash of techniques outlined in my tutorial below.

It took me an hour to do the first five, but I knocked out the remaining 45 in about five hours once I got into my groove. Five hours may sound like a lot of time, but I multi-tasked and caught up on my Hulu queue while crafting.

Curious out how I made them (and how the center pieces ultimately turned out)? Without further ado, I present: Coffee Filter Peonies.


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